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Welcome to the University of the Supernatural Ministry 
June 26, 2015 5:02 PM

Fast Track and Non USM Student’s Courses 
April 29, 2015 2:20 PM

Courses for non-USM students:

If you are not a student at USM yet want to audit certain courses, you are invited to do so.  

To see the courses that are open for audit, and to register, please click 

These courses are NOT available online, but only to students in Miami.

A Word From The President 
August 7, 2014 2:17 PM

A Word from the President


One day while praying and seeking God's presence and asking for God’s purpose for my life I received a visitation from the Lord.  Suddenly God filled the room with his presence and I heard an audible voice saying:  “I have called you to bring My supernatural power to this generation.”  Shortly thereafter, I heard the same voice inside, in my spirit, proclaiming the same message.  God then explained that the external voice was an angelic proclamation to the world, while the internal voice was His proclamation to my spirit.  Afterwards, many prophets independently confirmed this calling upon my life using practically the same word.  Since that day, my passion has been to fulfill this call and take God’s supernatural power to this generation. While part of this calling is fulfilled by personally demonstrating the power of God through miracles, signs, wonders and the casting out of demons, another part is fulfilled by training this generation in how to move in the same demonstration of the power of God.

My burden is to help to guide you to accomplish and develop your call through the supernatural power of God.  When you enter this University, you will be activated, taught, trained, equipped, and sent out to fulfill your purpose. Our courses are not based simply on transference of knowledge, but rather, in each teaching, you will have an experience, at the moment, with the living God.

What should a student of the University of the Supernatural Ministry expect?  You can expect to be taught in doctrinal or foundational teachings, prophetic teaching, and revelatory teaching.  This will produce activation in your spirit that will stir up every gift in you. Activation will come through the laying on of hands, through the spoken word, books, videos, teachings, etc.  Activation, impartation, revelation, and demonstration will be an integral part of the teachings such that you will be able to demonstrate that which you received.


When you leave, you will have a mind and passion to fulfill the will of God in your life and make a difference in a world that is lost without Christ.  You will leave to preach, teach, heal the sick and cast out demons, thus bringing the Kingdom of God as Christ taught His disciples.  Essential to this mandate is the manifestation of the supernatural power of God.

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

Important Dates/Documents 
May 19, 2015 4:25 PM
Important Notice: 
Admissions are now being accepted for the Fall 2015 term (Fall term begins in Aug 31)!

(Para Español oprima aquí )

Forums are now active! Tell us your testimonies! (Registration, homework and forums presentation is

Orientation for Summer 2015 Term:                                                                           April 27, 2015 (Monday) at 7:00 PM, USM Miami Campus

Beginning of Summer 2015 Term:
 4, 2015 (Monday) at 6:00 PM, USM Miami Campus

Download the 

 Application for Admission               

                                    Course Schedule             

 Student Manual
                                    Academic Calendar 2015


Watch the USM Inauguration!                              How to register to a course video tutorial.


You may contact us at


Online Courses! 
May 19, 2015 4:28 PM

The USM has the pleasure of inviting students throughout the world to apply to become online students.  Please review our policy and procedures in the student manual before applying.

Note: online programs are not available to students living in the Miami area

Note:  online programs require access to high-speed internet since they contain audio and/or video


1)  Copy the following registration key either electronically or on paper (without this key, you will not be able to register: EhJmRbaV58dk8D8
2) Click in the upper area of the page, where it says "Click Here to Log-In to the system"
3) Click on the button that says "Register Now"
4) Enter the registration key you copied in step 1
5) Enter the information requested (you must complete items with a red asterisk)
6) We recommend you use your first name initial together with your last name as the username.

If you are having difficulties, please contact us via email or telephone: university@kingjesusministry.org 305-398-7969

From now on, you can enter into the web system using your username and password.  Follow the instructions listed in the page.

Please note that you are not a student of USM until you have submitted your application and received notification of admission.